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Train get to - Real tour in myanmar

Train go to in myanmar be able to be a true tour trip if you are not well papeared and accept for real infrastruture conditions in burma. However, it can be very fun and unique experience that you be able to never notice in another country

If thinking about experiencing several modes of transport in myanmar, traveling by train may be an unforgettable experience to them. Depending on your physical condition, this could make your myanmar adventure from challenging to adrenaline bumping adventures. However, train riding can be the best way to attempt challenging experiences as local people. Let look into this deeper with's real experience in our FAM trip on Aug 2014 to decide this tour suits you or not.
Train in Myanmar
SEA WANDER inspect trip on Aug 2014. Train from Yangon - Mandalay in 15 hours. This official helped us very much to keep our door locked (actually fastened !?!) during the night trip.
Myanmar Travel by Train
The most renowned and possibly longest rout train is Yangon – Mandalay. It departs at 5 pm, ends at 8 am of the following days and takes 15 hours sharply. If you must get this good-hearted of trip, make sure that you are strong enough to survive when the trip finishes. Generally, Myanmar’s trains are ancient. The railway tracks were degraded seriously and the carriages shake so intensively that it is impossible to read or even walk. Throughout the way, trains shake continuously, sway left to right, then jump up to down. It will be very much beyond your imagination and completely in the opposite side to trains travel in Vietnam or any other SEA countries. Inside cabins, fans – yes, soft berth – yes, air conditioners – no, lock – kinda…yes, actually a hook which easily loose off because of train shaking. The advice is to try to look for some fasteners to keep the door “locked” (!?). The train moves rather fast but due to the rail way condition that makes the whole carriage bounce steadily. (View clip details here)
myanmar train travel in Mandalay

So that is the blog, let answer elementary questions:
- Is it cheap? Yes, definitely around US$ 40 compare to a flight at around US$ 110 to US$ 120.
- How is its hard level? Challenging to adrenaline bumping.
- Is it worth to experience? Very much depends. If you are very interested in real local life, very splendid health, hunger for real adventure, the answer is yes. Otherwise, think about it again.
- Roughly pick one word, do you offer it for regular travel? Nope.
- Is there any alternative inexpensive such as this? Yes. VIP buses, overnight drive at around US$ 20-30/person per way. Up to date vehicle, smooth road, business seats and lavatory installed.
- I am a bit worried but it sounds so fun, I just want to experience train a little bit. What do you recommend? Ok. Take a shorter train like from Mandalay to Pyin Oo Lwin or Yangon Circle Train
A deluxe, premium train might be launched around Oct – Nov 2014 with an expectation of more convenient and easier ride. This information perhaps carry happiness for travelers who tend to bring a myanmar tours in the future, and also overture more choices for them, comfortable feeling or interestingly challenging feeling as local people.

myanmar now is changing so fast, so stay tuned and keep updated with us!