Chủ Nhật, 22 tháng 7, 2018

On the tours: Safe & Enjoyable

myanmar is generally safe for traveling. Anyway, the better your preparation, the more enjoyable you will get on tour. Please read our safe instruction carefully for maximum fun moments on your trip

Crime and fraud

myanmar (Burma) is a generally a very safe country to travel in and crime targeting tourists is unusual. Nonetheless, you should apply common sense as you would when travelling anywhere. Be sure your spending money is out of scenery and near your body, and keep jewelry to a minimum. You could wish to use a money belt, especially if you are travelling on trains during your stay.

In major cities, we suggest travelling by taxi if you are out at night. Make sure you negotiate and agree to a price before you get in. It is always a wonderful idea to carry a hotel address card with you to performance your driver.
While on holiday to any places, including but not limited to myanmar, always keep a copy of your essential documents i.e. Passport, airline tickets, credit cards and traveller’s cheques, separate from the originals in a safe place. Because, just in case of lost, it is much easier and quicker to solve the issue. Most hotels inclue room-safes or deposit boxes at reception where you be able to store valuables.

Medical care

As with travelling to other parts of Asia, you need to take precautions when visiting burma. Mosquito-borne diseases such as malaria, dengue fever and Japanese encephalitis are endemic in burma. You should talk to your doctor about prophylaxis, and ensure you bring clothing that covers your arms and legs as well as a great quality repellent. We strongly offer you consult your doctor with regards to vaccinations and up-to-date health advice at least a month prior you depart.
Medical facilities outside main cities are extremely limited. In the event that you require any surgical treatment, you will likely need to be evacuated to Bangkok or Singapore.

Money exchange

The official Burmese currency is the Kyat (MMK) and you should plan to use this in most parts of the country, although USD is also widely accepted. Exchange rates fluctuate so we recommend keeping USD and exchanging as you get to.
It is best to bring USD cash as your main source of money. There are very few ATMs, travelers cheques are not widely accepted, and your credit card be able to only be accepted in a limited number of larger hotels and businesses. In addition, commission rates could be quite high in some places. Check out our guide for money and currency in myanmar!
Ensure that the USD notes you carry are new, clean and undamaged, otherwise they can not be accepted. It is a splendid idea to keep receipts for any purchases as you could be asked to supply them by Burmese customs officials on departure.