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Myanmar adventure guide from A to Z for your best myanmar tour

Are you falling in love with the antique pagoda and monasteries? Do you want to experience pristine rich nature or uncover featured Asian culture? If so, you should not ignore burma, also known as burma. Here is an charming site for both domestic and international tourists who are passionate about Buddhist temple and majestic natural view. Today, more and more adventurer choose this golden charming country as an ideal option for each get to. Some of the mysterious attractions include Yangon, Bagan, Ngapali Beach, Mandalay, Inle Lake,...So if this is your primary get to to myanmar, don't forget to equip yourself with "Myanmar visit guide from A to Z for your best myanmar adventure". Furthermore, our adventure guide will even exceed your expectations, develop your pleasure and satisfaction to the fullest.

"Myanmar go to guide from A to Z for your best burma tour" is an useful advice to equip you with a wealth of knowledge about the country’s local culture, art, and cuisine. It also offers you a good chance to uncover plenty of holy and gold-plated pagodas. Not only that, each place be able to remind you of the time in the attractive country. Consequently, many visitors want to save their beautiful memories in every area they come in with different souvenirs. So, if you wonder what to pay attention to when visiting burma, what is the best destination to get to in this pretty country, what to taste in this mystic Buddhist country, the following information be able to be helpful to get the best myanmar adventure.

ideal transportation

The airplane is the best mean of transportation to myanmar and even among domestic adventurer destinations. If you book a 2 ways ticket of Vietnam Airlines, you will spend at least 7,000,000 VND for the HCM City - Yangon route or 7,500,000 VND for the Hanoi - Yangon route. Another affordable option is Air Asia, but you will must land in Bangkok, Thailand such as a freight station.

If you want a fast flight and perfect service, you should fly with Vietnam Airlines even though the price is more pricey. If one of your most important criteria is to save budget, then choose Air Asia to get the most affordable myanmar go to.

ideal domestic transportation for the best myanmar journey

bus in myanmar

In addition to the air route which is the safest and most comfortable, you may also move between the provinces of burma by bus. Remember to bring warm clothes because there are buses running at night and the air in this vehicle is extremely cold. Taxis are convenient transportations in the city. Meanwhile, the underdeveloped rail system and the bumpy roads inclue made rail and motor vehicles unsuitable for ordinary tourists.

A rich itinerary for the best myanmar tour

famous for its pristine nature, thousands of ancient temples and thousand years of civilization, myanmar today becomes an ideal place for every visitor to come and discover. The best myanmar tours always amaze tourists from all over the world with the impressive mix of history and modernity. You can trek to far-off lands, experience a hot air balloon ride, explore a cave where thousands of Buddha images contain long been housed, immerse in crystal blue seawater, explore a lot of mysterious legend after thousand of golden pagodas,... Here’s what you be able to await from best burma tours:

Yangon - first place in your best burma tour

Known as the largest city in burma, Yangon is dubbed as the city without motorcycles, the main means are only cars and buses. Yangon is also the top site attracting visitors to burma by its friendly citizen, multicolored culture, suitable visiting spots.


like the other monument in myanmar, architecture in this old capital of Yangon is boldly the color of Buddhism - the main religion of more than 80% of Myanmar’s population. The Buddha's towers are everywhere, they are very pretty and the most renowned is Shwedagon Pagoda. Shwedagon is a totally fantastic Pagoda with the main tower of 99 meters high. The temple has a dome with 8 tons of gold so Shwedagon is also called "Golden Pagoda". Around the main temple are 64 small pagodas. There are 4 entrances leading to the main temple, each with a big pair of lions guarding it. In the temple, numerous places such as the background, the sanctuary, the pattern are decorated with thousands of diamonds, gold, emerald, ruby, sapphire and tremendous other gemstones. In the mind of Myanmar’s citizen, the Shwedagon is not only a spiritual destination of worship but also a national pride.

In addition, Yangon has two big lakes, Inya Lake and Kandawgyi Lake. Inya Lake is larger but more famous is Kandawgyi Lake. Dawn and sunset here offer an extremely attractive and stunning landscape from the wooden bridge to Shwedagon Pagoda.

Not a busy or up to date city, but Yangon is an suitable place for a peaceful holiday or relaxing vacations.

Bagan - Land of the Buddha

The old Bagan city was the royal capital of myanmar thousands of years ago. Owns a distinctive beauty, Bagan is located closeby the Ayeyarwady River, where dense concentration of temples, pagodas, and sanctuaries. There are five well known temples in Bagan, including Ananda Phaya, Dhamma Yangyi, Sulamani Pahto, Thatbyinnyu Pahto and especially Shwezigon Golden Temple.

Bagan is very quiescent. Getting to Bagan, you ought to try horse riding and cycling once to experience a special adventure, to immerse your soul into the ancient timeless feeling of the antique capital. Bagan possesses a glorious history behind the dense red dust. The temples in Bagan are endlessly spread all over, through the ups and downs of the thousand years that are peaceful there. If Angkor exhibits its subtlety in rocks and bricks, Bagan is glistening in the dust and immense walls that are intact over time.

In Bagan, temples silent retain their primary beauty despite disaster or time. The climate in Bagan is dry, so the buildings are better preserved in humid climates. The temples are restored very skillfully, technically reconciled backward by the hands of the myanmar citizen. To them, this work is not a restoration of an ancient ancestral building, but rather an expression of respect for the Buddha.


In this antique land, the most splendid moment is probably dawn and sunset. Because dawn and sunset are the most spiritual or because it is the best time to wander by romantic soul, to look and bring pictures. The best time in the year to admire sunlight here should be from November to March. In this season, the sky is very clear. You be able to climb a high place or take a ride with hot air balloon to admire the panorama of pretty Bagan, breathtaking landscape of this sacred land.

Mandalay - City of the pearls

Mandalay is located in central myanmar, 716 km north of Yangon. Captivating city on the banks of the romantic Ayeyarwady River, at the foot of the hill of the same name. From Yangon, if traveling by car, it takes nearly 2 days. It is best to go by plane, a little expensive but save time.

Compared with numerous other capitals in the world, Mandalay has a slower pace of life. It is not vibrant, but peaceful, peaceful. There are many attractive temples here, most notably the Mahamuni Pagoda, also known as Payagi, grand Paya, Rakhang Paya.

Mandalay - City of the pearls

Besides, going to Mandalay, visitors cannot miss watching the sunset on U Bein bridges in the suburbs. This is the longest and oldest bridge in the world made of wood. The 1,200-meter-long bridge over Taungthaman Lake contains 1,086 pillars, 482 spans and thousands of planks which were removed from homes in Sagaing and Inwa for transportation. Moreover, you may carry a boat ride to see the freshwater dolphin on the Ayeyarwady River or to realize the 90-ton Mingun bell or Mya Nan San Kyaw - meaning "the splendid royal palace in gold". Then, let’s notice a high destination and look away. From there, you could admire the tower of gold or silver iridescent, highlight among quiet village.

This is a good setting you could hardly forget in your best burma journey.

Distinctive specialties for your best burma tour

The cuisine is always one of the most curious features for any tourists when visiting a foreign land. In particular, for a country with a special culture and customs as myanmar, the food industry is increasingly attracting both domestic and international tourists. Here are some interesting dishes that you should not miss for your best burma tour.

Laphet Thoke (tea leaf salad)

Laphet Thoke

The fermented tea leaves can be eaten as desserts, or could also be processed as a tea leaf salad. Sour and slightly bitter tea is mixed with cabbage, tomatoes, roasted beans, peppers and garlic. This specialty is truly fantastic while eating with or without rice.

Nangyi Thoke noodles

Nangyi Thoke noodles

Nangyi Thoke consists of thick round noodles with chicken, sliced chopped slices, and a few slices of boiled eggs. Ingredients are marinated with grilled chicken broth, turmeric, and chili oil, mixed well and eaten with vegetables and broth.

Shan rice (Nga Htamin)

Shan rice

Nga Htamin is also known as rice with fish. This Shan ethnic dishes consist of rice mixed with turmeric, then sprinkled with freshwater fish sauce and garlic oil. This food is eaten with leeks, fresh garlic, and crispy pork skin, creating a characteristic pungent flavor.

Burmese curry

Burmese curry

For this dish, you could choose curry made from beef, fish, shrimp, pork or lamb. Along with curries are countless side dishes including rice, salad, fried vegetables, soups, fresh vegetables,...with a variety of different sauces.

myanmar sweet snack

Myanmar sweet snack

Unlike Western delicacies, burma delicacies, collectively called "Moun", are eaten as snacks, not as desserts. Moun is totally sweet due to its natural ingredients like coconut milk, rice flour, glutinous rice and fruit. Some of the typical Moun is Sa-Nwin-Ma-Kin (coconut milk, typical cake, dairy butter, and raisin), bein Moun and Moun Pyit Thalet (Myanmar pancake).

Crispy crisps

Crispy crisps

In burma, you will realize crispy crisps everywhere. The typical dish is Buthi Kyaw (crispy fried dough) with a sweet and sour sauce made from tamarind and bean flour.

Shan tofu noodle

Shan tofu noodle

One of the most special dishes in myanmar is Hto-Hpu-Nwe, meaning "warm tofu". The name is so but this dish does not inclue tofu but only porridge made from chicken chickpeas.

Because every tourist destination in myanmar is very interesting, you will be stunned if you go to this captivating country for the original time. Without a doubt, our "Myanmar adventure guide from A to Z" will be a amazing guideline for your best myanmar tourto learn something new about the world, to experience. Now, wake up your visit passion and discover myanmar right away.