Thứ Ba, 31 tháng 7, 2018

Burma Domestic Flights Updates

Due to the bad street infrastructure, traveling in burma by domestic flights could be the most comfortable selection to access main visiting places. However, the flight within this country very much different from other countries in South East Asia. Here are some prominent points for travelers visiting to myanmar.


Up to 2014, you might not realize any “paper ticket” in other Southeast Asia countries. However, some burma domestic airlines used them till early 2015. And especially, if you had lost the ticket,you would have had to buy a new one. So we used to advise our travelers to keep the airline tickets carefully.
You could see a photo of paper tickets by one of SEA WANDER staff on her inspection in late 2014 below.
The airlines very well catching up with the speed of burma improvement as a whole. Not too long since Air Bagan and Air KBZ started to use e-Ticket system. Now most of the airlines in myanmar use e-ticket issuing system that is more convenient in no doubt.

Myanmar Domestic Flights
Flight within Myanmar
This boarding pass for a flight from Mandalay to Yangon but it stopped en-rout at Bagan airport. The sticker indicated which passengers were going to land in Yangon.


At the present time in burma, the electronic ticket is used commonly however most airlines do not yet proffer online booking with secure payment gateway. The online payment by cards may finish up to 4 - 5% surcharge for card processing fee. Then SEA WANDER strongly offer you should book your burma flights locally. Moreover, the domestic flights within burma sometimes cancel with very short realize that severely impacts to your myanmar travel plan. A local agent is much more effective in dealing with this issue and rearranges another flight as well as amend all services accordingly.
Where to book
There are several ways to book locally.
Hotel – You can performance your go to plan to your hotel concierge. They will research the options and book flight tickets on your behalf as a small commission.
visit Agent – Contacting a local myanmar journey operator is another amazing selection who be able to support you amazing booking in advance.
International booking engine - is a huge name for ticket and hotel bookings. You may book from your home country too. Only route between Yangon - Mandalay available and vice versa.
Plan and purchase – You be able to blog flight schedules online then confirming with the airline office by a phone call. You will need to go to the office or possess it sent to you to make payment and purchase the ticket.
If you know exactly your get to plan, you may purchase your tickets at the airport when you arrive in myanmar. Remember to transfer from international terminal to domestic terminal to buy.
When to book

Generally, as early as possible. Mostly we suggest our customers should book weeks in evolve. If it is a holiday or festival or peak days,a month advanced booking is highly recommended.
Most the domestic adventurer flights depart around the same time. Thus, even if the airline you opt is sold out, you can purchase the ticket at the same time, place or itinerary of other airlines. Moreover, in case that a flight has to cancel due to some unexpected reasons, the carrier often works with others to move your booking to the soonest flight schedule.

Tickets are quoted and paid for USD. If you try to pay by burma Kyat, you tranquil have to exchange the currency BACK to USD to buy the ticket.


Most burma tourist destinations are accessible by a plane including Yangon, Mandalay, Bagan, Inle Lake and Ngapali of which Yangon and Mandalay contain international checking counters. One thing you need to pay attention when booking is how tremendous LAYOVERS in each route because this could add a significant amount of time for the adventure.
Most of the carriers operate as commuter planes and circle around original tourism destinations of Yangon, Mandalay, Bagan, and Inle Lake. Some can skip a city or fly to other directions. Therefore, you should know surely the route and not just the direction, to avoid the case that you could disembark at a wrong place. However, you will be attached STICKERS on your chest to verify which flight you are on.
fly within Myanmar

burma domestic airlines is small with a few airplanes ( 2 - 3 we ought to say) so most routes are only available once a day or less. From Yangon, you usually leave in the morning and come back in the afternoon.
You should prepare, plan and be ready in the situation of DELAY. They usually wait until final minutes to see how tremendous travelers book, and unless there are enough passengers, they will CANCEL. In recent year, thanks to numerous tourists get to to burma, flight cancellation is not taken site frequently anymore. They could cancel because of weather as well, particularly during the heavy fog of winter months or low cloud during the rainy season.
At hasty destinations, they will simply REGROUP PASSENGERS from different flights onto one flight, so Air Bagan, Asian Wings, and air Mandalay, for instance, will use just one plane, so even if you book with Asian Wings, you could be on a Mandalay flight. Similarly, if there are insufficient people on a Yangon - Mandalay flight, they will combine it with a Yangon – Bagan flight, so you will find that you stop at Bagan too.