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9 Best things to do in Yangon myanmar

The antique capital of Yangon myanmar is one of the most charming destinations when traveling in Asia. Coming here, visitors will be completely conquered by the lush green park, shady trees, and tropical green plants. This is why Yangon is called "Garden of the East". Prior starting your Yangon tours, let’s learn some primary information about it and what to do when you come here in the below article

General Information about Yangon burma

Yangon was the capital of myanmar until 2006. This is the largest city and most important commercial center of burma.

Yangon burma is at the convergence of the Bago and Yangon Rivers, about 30 km from Martaban Bay and coordinates 16 ° 48 'N, 96 ° 09' E (16.8, 96.15). Its canon time zone is UTC / GMT +6: 30 hours.

Yangon has a tropical monsoon climate in the Köppen climate classification system. The city has a rainy season lasting from be able to to October, which receives heavy rainfall; and the dry season from November to April. Yangon has a region that is said to have a amazing climate, not as harsh or changeable as some other countries in Southeast Asia. That’s why you may visit to Yangon all year round.

A Corner of Yangon myanmar

What to do in Yangon?

1. Visit Shwedagon Pagoda

The original and most important religious place of Yangon myanmar is Shwedagon Pagoda.

citizen said that "not come to Shwedagon, not come to Myanmar". You will could really understand the sentence from the moment you step into the 2500-years-old temple. This is truly a masterpiece that architects and builders created for this country. Visitors could even notice the glittering tower of the temple from many locations in the city.

Shwedagon Pagoda is open from 4 am - 10 pm every day. Tremendous Buddhist pilgrims to get to as well as visitors to visit in the afternoon. This is the destination to watch the sunset extremely splendid. When you travel the temple, you ought to take off your shoes, so carry a bag of nylon shoes, then put them in your backpack. Note when visiting the pagoda at noon, this time the heat will make the brick background extremely hot, you need to be careful when walking barefoot.

Shwedagon - The Golden Pagoda in Yangon


This lake is one of two major lakes in Yangon myanmar, located in the East of Shwedagon Pagoda, the lake is artificial and it has attractive views.

Kandawgyi located in the population of the beautiful Kandawgyi National Park in the heart of Yangon. This is what a perfect destination for people who love the peace and peaceful, away from all the hustle and bustle.

Come here, you be able to realize numerous captivating views at any time of the day. Among that, most of the visitors like the setting of the sunset when the sea sky changes many striking colors.


This market is situated on Bo Gyoke road. Here, besides admiring the architecture of this market, visitors be able to also buy some lovely handmade souvenirs for their friends and relatives such as carpets, paintings, jewelry, wood carvings, etc.

Some traditional markets tend to contain more abundant foods in the morning than noon and evening. But Bogyoke Aung San is not. Whenever you arrive, you be able to quiet enjoy good food. However, you have to keep in mind that the market closes attractive early, around 5 pm.

If you just want to experience pure local markets, it's a wonderful idea to adventure other markets, such as Thiri Mingalar, where there are countless products and intriguing food. As for Bogyoke Aung San, it is also an architectural and historical get to.

4. Sule Pagoda

After visiting Shwedagon Temple, Sule Pagoda is the second temple you should go to in Yangon myanmar. The temple is visited regularly and revered by local citizen.

Visitors be able to visit the Sule Pagoda at any time of the day. You be able to not be planning to adventure the Sule Pagoda previous, but during your Yangon trip, you will perhaps be passing through because of its location on the main road in the center of the city.


Chaukhtatgyi Buddha Temple is the most well-known Buddhist temple in Bahan Township, Yangon myanmar. When you enter this temple, you'll find its most notable attraction. That’s a 65-meter long bejeweled reclining Buddha. It's broad and imposing with delicate features.

You may enter Chaukhtatgyi Buddha Temple for free, however, there will be some charity boxes for you to donate.

If you're visiting off the City Circular train, get off at ‘Myittanyunt' and carry a short taxi ride to the temple from there.

Chaukhtatgyi Pagoda Yangon burma


This destination is called ‘’the pocket of greenery’’ in the center of Yangon burma. This is a favorite spot for couples.

It's also ideally located for views of the Shwedagon Pagoda across the street. So don’t forget to carry a short stroll through here on your way to the Shwedagon.


China Town be able to appear in different countries and all of them are full of interesting things. Yangon burma also has Chinatown. Don’t forget to spend the time to go to this town.

Moreover, to feel the life of the people here and have some comparisons with the Chinatown that you have arrived, you can also enjoy countless captivating dishes.

The best time to discover China Town in Yangon is in the evening. Come here and feel the lively atmosphere of the neighborhood and taste the delicious food.

8. Yangon’s street food

Wander around Yangon's city center, you will inclue the opportunity to enjoy Myanmar's street delights like Koh Pu, Koh Pieh, Nangyithoke, Kauknyintok, or Bein Mont, Mont Lone Yay Paw,… A day in the life of Yangon’s street food will leave you opening your eyes, licking your fingers to taste the typical cuisine of burma

You'll often realize "Safe Food" slapped on a vendor's cart. This is also an unforgettable experience for visitors.


Situated on a pretty and spacious campus at 66/74 Pyay road, Dagon District (Yangon Region of Myanmar), the National Museum of myanmar was built in 1996 as a glorious five-story building, introducing Myanmar's luxurious historical and cultural collections in the areas of archeology, ethnography, tradition, religion, and culture - art ...

The entry fee for foreigners is 5,000 kyats (about US$3.60) and it should be noted that bags and cameras are not allowed inside. However, lockers are available for use. For those who want to beeline it to the Royal Lion Throne, it's conveniently located on the ground floor, not far from the entrance. It has its have room, which is clearly marked; you can't miss it.

In addition, if you inclue much time, you may take part in other activities like go to Swal Taw Pagoda, Taw Gyi Temple, see Saint Mary’s Cathedral, sit at a local tea shop, enjoy sunset views at Botahtaung harbor,… Hope that your days at Yangon myanmar will be wonderful!